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KST-N Counterflow, Bottle Type Cooling Tower
KST-N Counterflow, Bottle Type Cooling Tower

KST-N Counterflow, Bottle Type Cooling Tower

■ Features:
   1. Package type, with FRP structure, casing & basin
   2. With high efficient vacuum-formed fill and extra drain plug
   3. Tower dimension smaller than traditional models
   4. Drift eliminator & silent mat available for options

■ Capacity range:
   Available in 30 standard models with capacities from 3 to 1500 nominal tons

■ Applicable for:
   Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning applications

■ Benefits:
   1. Small space requirement and light dry weight & operation weight
   2. Easy installation
   3. Low energy consumption
   4. Easy maintenance
   5. Long service life

KST-N series cooling towers use vacuum formed film type cellular fill. The heat exchange performance of it is about 20% higher than the hot press winded fill of ordinary round type cooling tower.
The fashion of the vacuum formed fill will always keep constant without changing after being glued. However, the ordinary hot press winded fill always lose it’s fashion in the process of winding, pressing and gluing. Because the fashion lose it’s constancy, the air flow is obstructed and heat exchange efficiency is reduced. Thus, about 20% performance of the cooling tower is lost. 

                 VACUUM FORMED FILL                                CUT TO BE ROUND TYPE FOR KST-N

In the range KST-N-20 through 1000, the drain socket are 2’’. This is very much helpful for cooling tower maintenance because of time saving.

In the range KST-N-3 through 80, in the lowest position of the basin, we install an extra drain plug. After the cleaning work of the basin, the contaminated water could be fully drained off from this drain plug. This is very much helpful for cooling tower maintenance work to get rid of the contaminated water which is lower than drain socket.

In the range KST-N-25 and up, the drift eliminator could be installed as an optional parts. The drift loss after the installation of the drift eliminator would be less than 0.005%.

The design condition of KST-N cooling tower is based on 37℃Inlet Water, 32℃Outlet Water and 27℃ Wet Bulb
temperature. Under these assumptions, 13LPM Water Flow is regartded as one ton. If we divide the Water Flow
figure in this page by 13, the figure we get is the actual tonnage of this model.