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KLN Counterflow, bottle type, low noise cooling tower
KLN Counterflow, bottle type, low noise cooling tower

KLN Super Low Noise Bottle Type Cooling Tower

■ Features:
   1. Package type, with FRP structure, casing & basin
   2. With extra Fan Stack and Silent Mat

■ Capacity range:
   Available in 30 standard models with capacities from 3 to 1500 nominal tons

■ Applicable for:
   Heating Ventilation, Air-conditioning applications

■ Benefits:
   1. Super Low Noise
   2. Light dry weight & operation weight
   3. Low installation cost
   4. Low energy consumption
   5. Easy maintenance
   6. Long service life 

1. The discharge fan stack is made of F.R.P. with round barrel type. It is with better weather resistance.

2. The silent mat is specially designed to absorb water drop noise.

3. The design of belt reducer is single section reduction. It is with high transmission effect and low maintenance requirement.

4. The fan design is axial type with low speed, high efficiency and low noise.

5. The PVC cellular type fill results longer air and water contact time that achieves higher heat resistance effect.


1. Cooling capacity is calculated as 13 l/min/RT, provided that the cooling tower inlet water temperature is 37℃
     outlet water temperature is 32℃ and ambient wet bulb temperature is 27℃.
2. S: Outlet   De: Inlet   O: Overflow   Dr: Drain   Ba: Automatic Filler   Q: Quick Filler
3. Extended fan stack is not provided for KLN-3~125.
4. KLN-50(and below) is with direct driving system; KLN-60(and above) is with belt type driving system.