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KFT Counterflow, Square Type, Modular Cell Cooling Tower
KFT Counterflow, Square Type, Modular Cell Cooling Tower

KFT Counterflow, Square Type, Modular Cell Cooling Tower

■ Features:
   1. Package type, with FRP structure, casing & basin
   2. With hihgh efficency, air vacuum forming type PVC fills.
   3. With fixed water spray nozzles.
   4. With drift eliminator
   5. With silent mat above water basin

■ Capacity range:
   Available in 22 standard models (single cell) with capacilities from 40 to 1000 nominal tons. (Various modular combinations
   are available to meet different cooling capacity requirements and jobsite restrictions.)

■ Applicable for:
   Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and light to midium processing applications.

■ Benefits:
   1. Good-looking appearance
   2. Smaller footprint, taking up less site space.
   3. Low noise  and less dirfting loss
   4. Easy to install
   5. Light in operating weight
   6. Lower piping & control system cost
   7. Easy for maintenance
   8. Long service life 

1. Long-durability and light-weight:
Tower body is made out of F.R.P. (fiberglass reinforced plastics) which is free from corrosion, so it is as durable as steel but as light as P.V.C.. What’s more, being coated with a special epoxy composed of anti-ultraviolet agent, the tower body is also resistant to the hurt from sunlight.

2. No rust:
All steel parts are treated by H.D.G. (hot dip galvanization), so none will get rusty.

3. Low noise:
With specially designed axial fan and belt reducer, the tower holds in itself strong wind but very low noise. In addition, there is a high quality silence mat above the basin, that will absorb most of water drop noise.

4. Low water loss:
The specially designed PVC drift eliminator can produce excellent efficiency at stopping spray, so the carry-over volume can always be kept within 0.002%, and only a slight pressure drop loss will be caused there.

5. No clog & pollution:
All nozzles are designed to be with special big orifice so they will not get clogged as what were usually used. Moreover, being installed inside the towers, nor will the nozzles accept dirts from environmental pollution.

6. Good heat-exchange efficiency:
The film type cellular fill is made of air vacuum forming PVC sheets which are with corrugated surface and are disposed at cross against each other, so it can do very good job in heat rejection.

7. Light operating weight:
With shape sloping down into water sump, the basin requires less water storage than common square type basins, so the tower will not carry too much weight during operation. The water sump however is at special large size, so it takes no risk of sucking in air.

8. Easy erection:
All tower supports are made of FRP and are body-formed with basin, so it is very easy to erect the tower, no matter there’s isolation steel frame or not.

    The basic design condition of KFT cooling tower is:
    When hot water temp. is 37℃, cold water temp. is 32℃, and ambient wet bulb temp. is 27℃, 13 LPM water
    flow rate is regarded to be one ton.

    We can also accept other modular combination which is not listed. Please contact our representative.