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KH Crossflow, Square Type, Modular Cell Cooling Tower
KH Crossflow, Square Type, Modular Cell Cooling Tower

KH Crossflow, Square Type, Modular Cell Cooling Tower

   1. Package type, with HDGS structure, FRP casing & basin
   2. With hihgh efficiency hanging type PVC fills.
   3. With drift eliminator intergal with fill sheet.
   4. With slope water sump

Capacity range:
   Available in 22 standard models (single cell) with capacilities from 40 to 1000 nominal tons. (Various modular combinations
   are available to meet different cooling capacity requirements and jobsite restrictions.) 

Applicable for:
   Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and light to midium processing applications.

   1. Good-looking appearance
   2. Low operating cost
   3. Lightweight and portable components
   4. Durable construction
   5. High heat-exchanging efficiency
   6. Simple and safe for maintenance 

1. Modular type design
Make full use of space; facile for mapping out a perfect installation design.

2. Meticulously engineered water circulation system
No debris-clog and dirt-sedimentation.

3. Lightweight and portable components, very easy for transportation and rigging.
Free from height limitation. Most suitable for sky-high buildings.

4. All key components are made of antirust & antiseptic materials.
Strongly stands up to corrosion, microorganizms and harsh weather conditions.

5. Ingeniously corrugated fill
Excellent for heat-exchange. Specifically designed flow regulating function (patent pending) to avoid water splashing out of fill. Water will only flow down along the fill.

6. Louver type air-intake
Good at unifying air flow; greatly effective at eliminating splash.

7. Special drive design supported with high efficiency fan of adjustable fan pitch
Result in a very low noise level.


The basic design condition of KH cooling tower is:
When hot water temp. is 37℃, cold water temp. is 32℃, and ambient wet bulb temp. is 27℃, 13 LPM water
flow rate is regarded to be one ton.

We can also accept other modular combination which is not listed. Please contact our representative.