HKD Crossflow, Square Type, Modular Cell Cooling Tower

■ Features:
   1. Package type, with HDGS structure, FRP casing & basin
   2. With hihgh efficiency hanging type PVC fills.
   3. With drift eliminator intergal with fill sheet.
   4. With slope water sump
■ Capacity range:
   Available in 22 standard models (single cell) with capacilities from 40 to 1000 nominal tons.
   (Various modular combinations
   are available to meet different cooling capacity requirements and jobsite restrictions.) 
■ Applicable for:
   Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and light to midium processing applications.
■ Benefits:
   1. Good-looking appearance
   2. Low operating cost
   3. Lightweight and portable components
   4. Durable construction
   5. High heat-exchanging efficiency
   6. Simple and safe for maintenance


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